Driving in Canberra

Never been to Canberra before? If you’re driving around, there’s three main things to remember:

  1. Canberra roads tend to be based on concentric circles, and suburbs tend to have fewer exits to main roads than you’d expect. Use of GPS is highly recommended. Check what the driving route from your accommodation to the venue is – it may take longer than you’d expect!
  2. Kangaroos and other wildlife are frequent sights on the roads, even in urban areas. Drive defensively, particularly in areas where the road goes from well lit to poorly lit, and at dusk! If a Kangaroo hops across the road in front of you, assume that there’s another one following – they never travel alone. If you hit one call Access Canberra on 132281 or Wildcare Queanbeyan on 62991966
  3. Speed cameras are also frequent sights, and will generally cause Canberra drivers to reduce speed without notice.

Weather in Canberra

The average February day in Canberra is warm, with temperatures ranging from a maximum of 27C to a minimum of 13C. Temperatures always cool off as the sun sets, with a cool breeze at this time almost a certainty. In Canberra, rainfall is spread out throughout the year, but February usually sees a few thunderstorms in an otherwise dry month.

We suggest bringing a jumper and a sun hat!

What to do

There’s lots to do in Canberra and Queanbeyan if you’re here for an extra couple of days – check out What’s On In Canberra to see what special events are happening!