SummerJive aims to be a fun event for all participants. These rules are designed to promote this aim by assisting in making the event fair and equitable. Any issues with the rules should be directed to the Event Director in writing; there will be no changes to these rules within two months of the event, and the Event Director’s decisions are final.

The current, published rules for SummerJive 2021 are not yet available, but the rules for 2020 were:

The following policies form part of the competition rules, but sections have been reproduced separately for clarity and ease of reference.

Minors Policy

Not everyone is over 18! It’s a shock, I know, but we have policies surrounding this reality.

Breach of Rules Policy

Things happen. This policy outlines how SummerJive will deal with them.

Safer Spaces Policy

SummerJive is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and comfortable dance experience for all attendees. We expect that all participants will work together with us to ensure that this is a safe dance event for everybody – and we outline our expectations here.